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Singapore's Leading Frozen Food Supplier

To excel in the challenge of supplying and processing seafood and seafood products, ALL BIG has capitalized on several strong factors. Our headquarters is located in Singapore, a regional hub from which we source a vast variety of the freshest catch harvested from the waters of every corner of the world. Our constant sourcing of new value-added products give our customers better selection, wider choice and more convenience.

To date, ALL BIG has more than 30 years' experience in seafood export and local distribution. We deal in quantities amounting to 3000 tons of seafood and seafood products on an annual basis. With our tradition of ability and experience to reach all corners of the world, our seafood products are tasted and enjoyed everywhere today. Not only are they popular with retailers and fine food establishments locally, but our well-established international network also ensures we meet our demands worldwide. 

Our orders, confirmations, and inquiries are they local, regional or international, are effectively handled with our investment of world-class telecommunications and cold chain facilities at our disposal. Our staff are well versed in the entire process of acquisition till delivery and provides a high level of service. And with Singapore being one of the finest and biggest ports in the world, ALL BIG is able to quickly transport seafood to destinations everywhere.